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Hey, I'm Phay! (she/they) 

I'm an intimacy director, intimacy coordinator, theatre director, writer, and professional actor in what is colonially known as Vancouver, BC.


BTS of Golden Delicious, by Syd Won Photography

My Services

Intimacy Professional​​

  • Choreography + coordination of performed intimacy for stage/screen.


  • Consultation on various topics

  • Bespoke workshops for artists about intimacy + related topics


  • Content creation and editing for artists + small businesses

Client Testimonials

bare: a pop opera is partially a piece about queer love, but also has themes of drug abuse, suicide, religious and family pressure, and features some violent and intimate content. She created a beautifully honest and safe space, and her choreography was as stunning as it was safe and simple to do. She helped us approach this sensitive and complicated piece of theatre with compassion and professionalism. The show could not have happened without her.

Andie Lloyd, Stage Manager
bare: a pop opera


I’d work with Phay again in a heartbeat. She has been the sole reason I’ve felt safe in multiple scenarios, and I can’t possibly thank her enough for that. She clearly loves Intimacy work, and her skill and care shines through in everything she does. Her work is thoughtful and incredibly detailed. Such a strong emphasis is placed on the comfort of the actors involved, and yet the limitations do not sacrifice realism and chemistry whatsoever. It’s a bewildering balancing act that I’m lucky I’ll never have to figure out on my own, since I know precisely whom to turn to.

Hannah Memory Myers, Actor


My experience with Phay during East of Berlin has completely solidified in my mind the need for an Intimacy Director. I have done intimate scenes in plays in the past, and while I am lucky to have never felt taken advantage of or disrespected, I now see how much more comfort, security, and artistic creativity could have been gotten out of those scenes. Phay created a space in which I felt that I could tell this character’s story fully, while maintaining my own comfort and trust in her and in my scene partner.

Geneva Perkins, Actor
East of Berlin

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