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Intimacy Professional

Performing intimacy for the stage/screen doesn't have to be awkward or scary. As your intimacy coordinator (film) or intimacy director (theatre), I can help you tackle your intimate content with confidence and support in mind. I offer sliding-scale rates to make this work accessible to anyone who needs it. 

BTS of Golden Delicious, by Syd Won Photography


If you are interested in hiring me to choreograph intimacy for your next project, please contact me via Principal Intimacy Professionals!



I offer consultations, which are a great avenue if you're looking to have some questions answered. Consultations topics can include:

  • Determining whether a project needs an intimacy professional;

  • Period-specific dramaturgy for intimacy

  • Review/edit of written intimacy in books and scripts;

  • Best practices for simple intimacy or intimacy between experienced performers;

  • Next steps for intimacy training

  • Intimacy Breakdown of a script for production or for an intimacy professional

Wendy D Photography


Workshops are catered to the individual needs of the people hosting them, but can include:

  • Basic Consent + Boundaries for an Ensemble

  • Intimacy Breakdowns and Intimacy Pro paperwork

  • Indigenous Considerations for Staged Intimacy 

  • Building Ensemble Confidence (workshop for youth ages 10-18)


Sometimes, it's hard to find the right words. Whether you're an emerging artist writing their first bio, or a seasoned pro looking to elevate their website, I'm here to help.​ Wordsmithing services include:

  • Build a Bio -- a collaboration that ends with either a short or long bio, depending on your needs;

  • Review/edit of written intimacy in books and scripts;

  • Copy edits -- websites, social media, press releases, grants, letters, etc

  • Content review and creation for small businesses and artists (letters, bios, resumes, website copy, guides, emails, etc)

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